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Golf Davenport Blog

Red Hawk Golf & Learning Center:

Red Hawk has installed 15 additional trees , mainly Pine trees to add to the landscape and beauty of the Red Hawk course.

Emeis Golf Course:

This fall, Emeis will added additional Forward Tee locations on holes #15,#16,#17 and #18. These new Forward Tees now provide the desired yardage options for a variety of skill levels. This fall we hope to continue Forward Tee locations on the front nine holes. Emeis has also renovated the large bunker in front of the #14 green. This renovation will help the maintenance and condition of the bunker; in addition to improving the aesthetics. Not to mention, we have also removed the small troublesome bunkers on left side of the #14 fwy.

*If you see the Emeis crew, give them a SHOUT OUT; without them, these improvements would not have been made possible!    

 Duck Creek Golf Course:

Duck Creek has also seen its fair share of improvements this summer. We started the season by planting over 80 new trees to replace many that were destroyed by an F1 Tornado in October of 2016. During the spring and summer months the Golf Clubhouse was extensively renovated to add a customer seating area, and inside access doors to the restrooms. It is our hope that you will find these lodge improvements refreshing and beneficial.  This fall we are repairing the stump hole areas from large trees that had been removed previously. We appreciate your patience with all the 'Ground Under Repairs'. 

*Duck Creek is also experimenting with multiple Forward Tee locations. We will plan to level and raise these areas as we get the desired yardage established. We want your feedback so please let the Pro Shop know what you think of the advantageous Tee locations.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to seeing you soon!!