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Golf Courses Open for Play


Beginning Wednesday, April 8th, Davenport municipal golf courses will be open for 2020. Davenport Parks and Recreation is continuing to observe the current COVID-19 health crisis and adhering to recommendations from public health authorities. As always, our primary concern is for the safety of our patrons and staff. Thank you for your support and patience during this time. For current updates and information please visit:

Golf provides an excellent opportunity for exercise and social distancing, and we will continuing to provide this amenity to our patrons with modifications as long as current rules are upheld.

Golf patrons must:
■ Practice social distancing (6 feet away)
■ Limit gathering in groups (less than 10 people)
■ Play and move on (leave after round is complete)
■ Avoid physical contact (refrain from touching one another)

Current precautionary measures in place:
■ Golfers are limited to single rider carts (unless playing with family member)
■ Each golf cart will be sprayed with disinfectant following round
■ Credit card sales only, with terminals located outside (no physical contact with cashiers)
■ Clubhouses are closed and locked
■ Restrooms are accessible from the outside only
■ Increased frequency of cleaning/disinfecting other high touch points such as countertops, credit card devices, door handles, etc.
■ Cups are filled with foam insert (no removal of flagstick)
■ Ball washers are empty to avoid any other touch points

Please call before arriving to the course:

Emeis 563-326-7825 | Duck Creek 563-326-7824 | Red Hawk 563-386-0348

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